Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Day at Barcelona

Technically, this was the day before last because my actual last day was spent riding the morning train back to my city. ;) This was a very busy day for me. We started with a morning visit at the Museo de Arte de Cataluña (MAC), had lunch at El Pueblo Español ( a must-see if you´re visiting Barcelona) and ended the day at Montjuic.

(knitted top, skirt- Bershka, tights- Calzedonia)







1- outfit of the day. First wore this versatile skirt here.
2- admiring the ceiling of MAC while sitting from a huge sofa near below it. Love it´s Rennaisance style!
3- resting on one of the stairs of MAC. Got tired of walking... as usual, hehe!
4- candid shot on iron sculpture by Gaudi. I look weird, I know. lol!
5- Crema Catalana at El Pueblo Espñol. One word, riquísimo!
6- sea shot at the top of Montjuic. Those white dots are sails of the yatchs near the harbor.
7- one final shot outside of MAC. Yup, I recycle my jacket and scarf to death. Can´t help it, I just lurv them to bits. ;)

Enjoy the weekend, y´all! :)




Mom Daughter Style said...

you look pretty and refreshed on your pictures. nice outfit as usual

Lidiya said...

Gorgeous outfit, I love your skirt! Barcelona is a super city, I miss it so much <3

Sreckas said...

Great outfit. Love the combination of colors. :)
Follow me if you want and i'll follow you back. :)

dramaqueen said...

awww you are so pretty...and gorgeous in these photos its been awhile since I saw your fashionable photos :)

hope you enjoyed your vacay...

take care love...