Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back from Barcelona

And... I´m back! :) First order of the day, some shots from the Sagrada Familia:



Two years ago, I haven´t noticed this rainbow and pastel colored wall columns and floral ceilings. The play of colors is so dainty just like cotton candy. Hahaha, it rhymes! There were stained glass windows which were strategically placed to reflect the light and creating the rainbow colored patterns on the wall columns.



A trip to the Sagrada familia is never complete without the customary touristy photo on the main door. I was lucky to get this space, there were lots of people milling around this area.


Construction´s still going on despite this year´s recent re-inagauration by the Pope. Gaudi´s masterpiece is a continuing work of art and is still the most crowd drawer in Spain.



It was a lovely 14-16 ºC in Barcelona, sunny and mild, the perfect week for sightseeing without the ¨shivers¨. Decided to wear my high-waisted skirt again with a never before worn dark green knit top which I´ve had for a long time. I´ve noticed that aside from burgundy, dark green is a favorite fall color trend this year. Since I have a lot of green tops, I shop in my closet. You should too, it not only saves time but also a lot of moolah! ;)

( v-neck knitted top, skirt- Zara, bag- Balenciaga)

So now, I´m back to my cold city, 5 kilos heavier and with flaky skin! My skin literally peels off in winter, does your skin do too?

Have a lovely weekend, people!




sacramento said...

Pero si estás muy delgada y qué preciosa falda.
Thank you for sharing such gorgeous pics.

ediot said...

oh my these shots are great. what details there are from sagrada familia.. it's simply a breathtaking building. wish i could go there soon.
hope you had an amazing time there

Sherin said...

I really love Barcelona! It's one of my favourite cities. I wish I got to see the Sagrada familia from the inside: It looks beautiful. I was only there for 2 days, so had to fit a lot in and only managed the outside.

Mia's Little Corner said...

Oh I love Barcelona! A beautiful city!!:D

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Mia's Little Corner

Mom Daughter Style said...

i love green! ganda rin ng skirt na yan. I enjoy looking enjoy at your travel pictures every time.

Kavery said...

Lucky girl for seeing it up close. What a grand monument. Love your smart skirt.

Noelle Chantal said...

Oh my! The Sagarada Familia church is so beautiful! All the details are heavenly! I hope to visit that place someday :) And you look so stylish with your uber nice scarf! Love the outfit! :) great shots too!

Leia said...

I'd love to visit Barcelona one day!


knk said...

great post beautiful interior inside that church

fashioneggpplant said...

such a beautiful place! you look amazing too :)

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Sisters Don't Share said...

Love these looks - they go so well with beautiful Barcelona too! Glad to have found your blog, and look forward to reading it throughout 2012 :) x

Anonymous said...

That's one awesome lookin' God house.