Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Time For (Cable) Knits

Cable knits can be tricky to wear because they´re bulky and they make you look twice bigger than you really are unless you´ve got a reed thin model´s body. Unfortunately, I have a normal body just like everybody else´s which expands sideways with age and so I only wear cable knits when the weather becomes unbearably cold and can´t be bothered with layering.


You see, the downside of  fall and winter layering is wearing a lot of clothes and the double/triple pile of laundry to be done and dried later. With cable knits, you only need a light shirt under it, your jacket over your knit and you´re ready to go! It´s also nice to wear it with something  green too when your knit´s in the palest of pink. ;)

( cable knit- El Corte Inglés, ring- H&M )

So from one cable knit to another, here´s to you girl! ;)




sacramento said...

Te queda muy bien, pero sé lo que dices...
Disfruta de lo que queda de domingo.

janettaylor said...

Sweet sweater!

Sherin said...

Cable knits are the most comfortable! I love the pale pink colour of your one.

L1L2 said...

WANT! want! WANT -the same kind!

Kavery said...

Lovely colour!