Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spots, Stripes and Quilt

A solid colored dress, in my case a bottle green knit dress which I´ve had for three years now is the perfect base to play with textures and prints. I just made sure that the prints share at least one same color so that they blend nicely together with the dress. The dress by the way may look grayish but it´s actually a very dark green color.


A shearling coat is the finishing touch to the whole ensemble. I had luck when I thrifted this last year because it´s a trend that´s  becoming winter staple and it´s toasty even if I´m wearing a short sleeved dress.


Anyway, if I look so serious in the last photo it´s because this is a candid shot, hehe. The hubz likes taking candid shots but I hate them because my face usually look bloated. Because it really is and I´m still denying it. hahaha!

(shoes- Blanco, dress and quilted clutch- local store, tights- H&M )

I hope you´re enjoying your week, dahlings!



PS:  This is a scheduled post. I´m in Barcelona right now up in the mountains of Montserrat. Will be visiting your blogs soon. Ciao! :)


Mom Daughter Style said...

ang cute naman Che, marami sigurong tumingin sayo with your very nice legs hehe.

enjoy your trip to Barcelona!

Sherin said...

Such a gorgeous outfit. The printed tights look amazing with the black dress.

janettaylor said...

What leo tights! Just nice!

ediot said...

hi darling.
thanks for stopping by
i wanted to wish you a lovely week
soon weekend, yey!

Arini Desianti Parawi said...

yay!! Such a cute tights!! love it :))
Happy weekend dear..


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Queen D