Thursday, April 21, 2011

Four Towers

Warning: Picture heavy post. ;)

Finally, here are the travel photos of the spectacular palace in Olite, Navarre which I was talking about in the last post. It was once the royal palace of the Spanish king of Navarre in the 14th century.

The aerial views are amazing from different angles which made the huffing and puffing in climbing the stairs worth it.hahaha!

This is the queen´s garden which is in front of the queen´s chamber. This garden which was constructed in the one of topmost parts of the palace was an ¨ I´m sorry¨ present by the king to his queen for being caught dilly dallying with his mistress. What do you think of that? ;)

This is another view from the top which shows the town. A perfect backdrop for those period/ adventure films where the main lead is being chased by the bad people while jumping from one roof to another, no? ;)

 Some of the towers of the palace:

All of the 4 towers have names, I just forgot what they were called because I was busy taking photos. lol!

Another view from the other side of the palace:

Since it´s Lent, here´s how the main door of the palace church looks like. The architecture and sculpture are exquisite!

And since this is a what- I- wore blog after all, here´s what I wore the other day:

stripes long-sleeved top- Massimo Dutti, light knitted cardigan- Zara

old pair of trusty Levi´s, bag- Blanco

More travel photos to come. We visited three towns last Saturday and so expect more photos to come. Don´t just get bored yet, okay? ;)

Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone and for those who aren´t Catholics, may your week be fruitful and fun!




QueenDesi said...

what a great place!!
i love your cardigan as well :)


in Love&Light
Queen D

Sherin said...

The view looks stunning. Definitely worth climbing those stairs!
The garden looks so pretty/

michelle_ said...

i love the cardigan !

glisters and blisters

Laura said...

Oh wow!!! such a beautiful palace!!! I can't wait to see more pictures =) I love your bag and the relaxed vibe of your outfit.

Krystal said...

such cool photos!!! I love the one of the rooftops!

..R May A.. said...

what a stunning place :)
it looks so beautiful - you look gorgeous as usual too!! x

Mayet said...

would love to visit that palace! looking forward to many pics;)

Raji said...

Cute outfit, I love the cardigan
This looks like such an amazing place to visit, the views are just exquisite

Stevia said...

of course we will not be bored!

beautiful pictures
and I love your layering of shirt and cardigan ;)


Sweet said...

what a magical place to visit...I love the tower thinggy because it makes me feel like a princess... :D

I wanna travel bored with all the Bangkok Traffic hahahah


Mom Daughter Style said...

what a great place. parang nung time ni Jesus na nakikita ko sa movies.

Nice casual outfit as usual.