Friday, September 3, 2010

Plaid Friday

Today is casual Friday! Not that I wear formal all the time, hehe! But I´m liking my plaid tops and my denims nowadays. Summer is about to end and so it´s time to dig dipper into your closet and find those ¨I didn´t know that I have them here¨ summer clothes ( I know you have them ;) ) and take them out for a spin! Reminds me, there are still a lot of summer tops and bottoms in my closet waiting to be worn. Oh well, looks like the hubz was right, I´ve got too many clothes in my closet right now. It´s time to do some autumn cleaning.

The other day, I had a meaningful clothing conversation with the hubz. It went like this:

Hubz: Ches ( my nickname´s Che but he calls me this when he´s feeling extra sweet and when he wants something done), now that we´re moving to the new flat it´s time for you to choose what clothes to bring there.

Che: Huh?! Can´t I bring all of them there? * little whining here*

Hubz: They´re too many of them, they won´t fit inside your side of the closet. We´re sharing the hall closet, that´s why. Choose what you like and let´s donate the rest to the charity shop in the neighborhood.

Che: ¿Qué? Pero cariño, I bought a lot of clothes from THAT same charity shop!

Hubz: Huh?!

Now that´s serious. If you were in my place what would you do? ;)

plaid top- Zara

So there goes my clothing anecdote, do you have one too? Enjoy your weekend, dears! :)




janettaylor said...

Lovely casual look, my dear!

kirstyb said...

love the shirt thanks for sharing xx

jamie-lee said...

loving the plaid shirt with jeans x

Jing said...

love the plaid shirt te.:)

Rose said...

hrmmm I have a similar problem, I really have to get rid of some of my clothes but dont want to just give them away. Ive thought of possibly selling them through my blog? Have you thought of doing that?
My closet is truely busting out!


Mom Daughter Style said...

make sure you're ready to give them up before you actually donate them. yung mga pinadala ko sa pinas halos maliit na so wala problem hehe.

btw, how do you like your longchamp? thinking of buying one.

nice plaid top.

Dredd said...

I burst into laughters:)) funny & sweet coversation! Che, am not a hoarder nor a keeper of things with sentimental value as a matter of fact I have given away my civil wedding dress when my sister asked for it. I don't have much clothes in my closet coz I only buy clothes when I need it.

Happy weekend/Dredd

cherie said...

aww hubby is so sweet :) pero im loving the plaid shirt ate, the color looks so gorgeous on you :)

Fashion Profiles said...

your hubby is the sweetest and is very charitable! =)) Anyway, I think you better do a garage sale... Or give it to people you think will like your clothes... =)

MarchMusings said...

Nice anecdote. Love the shirt

à la Modest said...

YUP! I've had that conversation before with my husband! That's funny, MY nickname is "Chi"! Anyway, I have the tiniest closet. I can probably fit ONE person in that closet, and that's it. I store my clothes that I don't use at the moment in the "attic", which is really just a closet in the upstairs room and also got dressers where I can store more folded clothes.

I like plaid! Fall is my favorite season :)

sweet said...

what a casual top look amazing!!!!


Rebecca Rose said...

love the plaid top on you!!! Hey why don't you just send your extra clothes here in the states haha just kidding.