Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That Safari Summer

While browsing through my summer photos from my trip in Galicia last summer of this year, I found this:


Las Islas Cies ( Cies Islands), a 3-island archipelago off the coast of Pontevedra which belongs to the municipality of Vigo. It was declared a Nature Reserve in 1980. From the port, we walked 3.5 kms upwards reaching do Faro ( Lighthouse Island) stopping once in a while to admire the beaches and the mountain peaks.


At the top of do Faro, there were only a few of us ( it was another upward climb about 300 meters to the top). You can see and feel all the tranquility around you save for a few sightings and cries of sea gulls on the rocks.  


It was so beautiful out there, you´re looking at pure nature mostly untouched but greatly admired from afar.


Now leaving you a b/w photo of  me at the top while I continue to daydream about this place in this cold time of the year:

( hat- Zara, top- Pimkie, shorts- Mango)

So what are your memories from last summer?




sacramento said...

Qué bien te queda el animal print y las islas Cies.
me encanta Galicia y tú.
Gracias por tus amables palabras.
me llegan al alma.

Chic Therapy said...

great pictures!

BTW,i love the scarf you have on in your profile picture

Sherin said...

Looks like a gorgeous place. I'm so envious of all the purretty places you get to visit. Also love your hat.

janettaylor said...

What place! Gorgeous!

wardrobeexperience said...

´beautiful shots again... love the leopard spotted tee!

cherie said...

the view is breath taking and you captured it so well!

Parade of Dresses

Style Sud-Est said...

that is a cute outfit! the shorts with the leopard print and the hat just gorgeous!

Found memories about last summer...Mr.D and i took a road trip through Maine and Vermont we stopped in Portland Vermont, really nice city