Wednesday, November 2, 2011

At the Templar´s Portuguese Convent

I´m telling you about my short trip to Portugal  backwards because the best part happened on the last day of the trip aside from witnessing a real bird poop shower on the road near the Spanish- Portuguese border on our first day and getting lost while looking for our hotel in Coimbra. So on our last day( on our way back to Spain), we stopped by two historic sights one of which was at Batalha and the other one which I´m showing you below was the Convent of the Monastery of Christ ( Convento de Cristo) in Tomar, an original Templar stronghold in the 12th century.


Anyway, like in Valencia, it´s chilly in the morning but as the day progresses on, the temperature can reach up to 22 ºC. I still wore a scarf because it´s the perfect accessory for a simple outfit and the most important part is --> it concealed my growing muffin top from eating too much butter (they serve it there every day from breakfast to dinner, whoa!) and leitao(sucking/roast pig). And oh my, there goes my hand(right) AGAIN! lol!


This was taken at the higest part of the convent. By the way, this is gigantic and intricately designed building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


So there went my Halloween holiday. So how was your Halloween? ;)




janettaylor said...

What a beautiful place and yepp such a cute outfit. You look so great!

Vale ♥ said...

Your scarf is adorable ! Lovely outfit :) Kisses

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Taj Acosta said...

Wow what a beautiful place! So much history!! xo


hi cheryl!! wow i love your outfit. and such a nice brackground <3

L1L2 said...

you are a lucky woman! traveling here and there in stylish ensembles... love the scarf you have added that adds all that oomph to your outfit.

Kat said...

beautiful scarf and wonderful photos! :)

Noelle Chantal said...

Wow, that lovely old building is a UNESCO world site, amazing! :) I love the intricate details to it. And your scarf is so pretty too! Great look! :)

Meream said...

Oh you and your travel posts and making me jealous and all :D

Love the scarf!

Jing said...

your top caught my attention. ang ganda and bagay sayo te che!