Tuesday, November 8, 2011


A  very late recap of the last day of  my ¨vacación valenciana¨  about three weeks ago. Oh my, how time flies! Anywayz, here it goes:

My mornings at Valencia always started with a super sized glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I tell ya, after tasting this juice, you´ll nevah go back to drinking your old brand of orange juice again. It´s addicting and it´s fresh!  ;)


Now that and this GINORMOUS piece of croissant. Now you know why I have a rounded belly in almost all of my pictures. ;)


So anywayz again, the old town girl in me wanted to see where the oranges are grown and so the hubz took me outside of the city via the tram to do some orange orchard hopping and had a photo shoot there. Yes, I´m that plain and boring. hahaha!


By the way, the day before this we went to Albufera Nature Reserve. A saltwater lagoon and estuary situated about 11 kilometers from the south of the city of Valencia.It´s quite an interesting place if you love canooing-- in my case just sitting on a small boat  and birdwatching.


Now back to the oranges and my outfit, most the oranges were still green when we were there although a few have already ripened and fell on the ground. I was really tempted to pick one fruit from the tree but ooops, off limits! Just look, you can touch but don´t pick. So I just looked at them longingly. hehehe! As for what I was wearing, I decided to channel a very casual nautical look. Red, blue and white stripes and with  a yellow scarf for color blocking at the same time. ;)

(V-neck sweater- Mango, stripe inner top- Zara, red jeans- Promod, scarf- local store)

So this ended my Valencia chronicles but I still do have a lot of photos to share. Expect some travel photos to pop once in a while in my future posts.

Ciao for now and I hope you´re enjoying your week out there!




Reese Milania said...

I love your outfit, love the scarf!

Kavery said...

You had a wonderful trip there. I love seeing places by boat too

janettaylor said...

Orange juice - definitely great choice for a morning. :)

cryskay said...

the croissant looks delicious! xx

Sherin said...

I love orange juice! I can never start the day without it! Looks like you had fun seeing where oranges are grown.

cherie said...

ohh valencia oranges are very famous aren't they? that freshly pressed orange juice is just luxurious! love your bag ate che, the drawing is so cute!

Savvy Gal said...

what a wonderful outfit. that glass of OJ looks so delicious now to me.

ediot said...

hi darling. lovely post! oh and the croissant shot.. my yumm. that i want. need got to have now..
but i don't. what i do have is oranges. and i will make juice now.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Che! fresh orange juice from Valencia, sounds yummy, and you are right one would find difficult to drink supermaket juice after that! i love your color combo, really, really pretty

Ariane xxxxx

Chic Therapy said...

lovely color combo

Jing said...

Hi ate che! how are you? ah you had ¨vacación valenciana diay.sushal lagi!i will browse some of your photos sa previous posts. I love your bag.so cute!