Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chains, Leather and Plaids

Trying to look ¨ fierce¨ today with chains, leather and bad hair. Oooops, that isn´t fierce at all. Hahaha! My hair isn´t normally this frizzy, it was the wind. Although it looks like the day is sunny, it´s actually windy and cold. Brrr!


And... while trying to look for a perfect background for the photos, my photographer aka the hubz asked me to post beside the red wall column and then later, just for his fun...


beside a kiddie slide just below Mr. Pirate´s headshot while laughing at me all the way. So cruel, no? Good thing there weren´t any children around, or else, they would have complained  because we´ve invaded their  playground. ;)


( turtleneck , bag and tights- Zara, skirt-Promod, shoes, necklace and jacket- local brand)

Chains, leather and plaids. I wore all of these today. What about you? ;)




Dorothy Souhuwat said...

whoa,,u look like a rocker

Sherin said...

Chains and leather is a perfect mix!! Love the skirt as well. The whole ensemble goes so perfectly.

Kavery said...

Wowsa- against the red wall is the best.

Susu Paris Chic said...

Thank you for your sweet words! I cannot see your pics for the moment... but I doubt that bad hair. You always look so stylish - a real yummy mommy!

Mom Daughter Style said...

Che parang rockstar ang outfit hehe.