Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello, Goodbye

Do you remember this old backdrop? If you´re a long time reader of mine, you would know. If you´re new here, well, it´s my old posing wall at our old flat. ;)


These photos were taken a month ago, hehe, I know so late, when we´re getting rid of the things left from this flat a year ago. Imagine how dusty it was, I didn´t go home as fresh as I looked in this photo, I tell ya.

(dress-Bershka, cardigan- Sfera)

Well, I´ve had a quite hectic week. Whew, I´m so glad it´s fly day Friday! Tomorrow, I´m gonna rest and maybe sleep all day. ;) In the meantime, I´m leaving you a window display photo of the Louis Vuitton store at Valencia. That´s right dearies, those are eggs! Hmmm, I wonder what´s hatching at LV nowadays. ;)


Enjoy your week, luvs!




Susu Paris Chic said...

Black brought to life - yay!

Laura said...

Love, love, love your dress it's so cool the print on the front is so fun! And that window display is crazy yet cool!

bridechic said...

Ooooooooooooh la la! Tres chic!

Mom Daughter Style said...

I remember that was always your background before.

nice dress

janettaylor said...

Such a cute dress!

L1L2 said...

the dress looks so fun!

Kavery said...

I do recall that background. And that LV display looks yummy and eggy!

cherie said...

those are cute boots! i saw the same display at the LV store in sg and it's an adorable display :)

Sweet said...

I miss stopping by your blog... I cannot believe I have been neglecting my blogging friends and my site..hahahaha

Now is the time to keep up with blogging...I need some amazing inspiration from everyone!!!


ana b. said...

Hi Che! It's been a while since I've visited but glad to see you looking as happy and gorgeous as always. Moving/clearing out houses are always so tiring. I fall into the deepest sleep afterwards. Your dress is fantastic. I love how mesmerising the print on the front it.

ediot said...

cute dress