Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food Weekened: My Andalusian Meal

Hello, all!

Most hotels usually offer breakfast buffets (sometimes at exhorbitant prices) but since we usually have a light breakfast to start our day, we have it at a nearby cafe or bar. Here´s what we had in Andalusia:

Mollete sandwich +freshly squeezed orange juice + coffee/tea -mollete is a type of flat bread which is usually toasted to make it crusty on the outside but chewy and smooth to the bite inside. To make the perfect sandwich, it´s slathered with extra virgin olive oil+ a slice of tomato and lots of jamon serrano slices. A simple mollete sandwich consist of  just the bread and slices of jamon serrano only.


Our lunch in Cádiz consisted of:

breaded squid rings as starters


and seafood paella as the main dish. It´s perfect with a bottle of cold  beer or glass of cold dry sherry too! In summer, I´d have this with  sangría which isn´t just common in the south but in all of Spain. :)


Dinner is usually light when we travel, we had:

chocos en pimenton y aceite de oliva ( cuttlefish in paprika and olive oil)


or just plain pan-grilled in olive oil with a serving of salad


and here´s something exotic tasting but very delicious, croquettes made up of the meat of a bull´s tail. Yep, you read that right, meat from a bull´s tail. It has quite a strong taste but so yummy and only from the south of Spain. ;)


We´re usually full after dinner so we don´t usually eat dessert but that doesn´t stop me from having a scoop or two of ice-cream when we roam around. Mmmmm!


So that´s it. Now you know, what to order when you get stranded in the south of Spain. ;)

So what´s for lunch/dinner tonight?




Anonymous said...

How fun to taste such exotic dishes! That's so cute that you had a scoop of good old Ben and Jerry's for dessert! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I've never heard of Andalusian meal before, looks like something you'd see often, but the ingredients are different. xx

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

Looks so yummy! Now i need to try indonesian food :)