Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tie Dyed

Hello, hello!

Indoor photos yet again for today. Yesterday, I had a nice set of outdoor photos for posting but due to aaah... a major technical glitch ( that is to say, I accidentaly pressed the multiple delete button while deleting some photos from the cam, hehe!) my lovely photos were gone in a blink of an eye. *sniffs* Lesson learned. Next time, I´ll have to be more careful in deleting photos directly from the camera.

Anyway, while looking for something to wear yesterday, I´ve found this tie dyed skirt  ¨ in the bowels¨ of my closet. If I remembered right, I bought this last year from the thrift shop.

It´s cottony soft, stretchy, very comfy and perfect with a fitted white top. I tried this with a camisole and it looks good but I can´t show you the whole look. Prudish me isn´t that adventurous, hehe! What made me buy this skirt was this cute print at the bottom. Pretty, no?

So as I´ve been saying over and over again  in this blog, if you´re on a tight budget, shop inside your closet. We don´t really need to buy anything new to wear unless we really need it and not just wanting it. Ooops, by the way, the sales season is just starting. Careful, careful with the wallet! ;)

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fashionismyh2o said...

That's really cute :) lovely for summer :) I have made the 'delete' mistake myself too it's horrible ha-ha but live and learn :)


janettaylor said...


Laura said...

thats a really cute skirt =) And I agree 100% shop the closet it's good for you!

Sherin said...

That skirt is amazing!! I love the colour. And the purple print is so perfect.

Kavery said...

Worth shopping your closet and finding a gem like this skirt. Love the quirky print at the bottom

Dorothy Souhuwat said...


QueenDesi said...

the witches on your skirt is totally cute :))
what a lovely skirt..


in Love&Light
Queen D