Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Preppy and Rocker

What I wore in one of those chilly days last week:

The weather last week was ambivalent. It went from sunny to autumn-like chilly in a span of .. one day. huh!It´s a good thing that I still have my sweaters with me all the time. By the way, I decided to pair the preppy ensemble with a leather skirt for that pseudo rocker look. Epic fail. Bwahaha!

stripes long sleeves polo- U2
sweater- Mango
leather skirt- New Yorker

No photos of the shoes because I wasn´t wearing any when I took these photos. Well, I did wore something but you don´t want to see my calf stockings and pink flip flops, do you? ;)

So how are things there at your side?




Laura said...

I love your skirt the shape is so awesome!!!! Things are doing well in my little area of the world it's so insanely hot so super light clothes are in order.

Style Journey said...

I think you pulled off the preppy rocker look great! That leather skirt is amazing. Unfortunately, I had a leather skirt that ended up ripping, :(

Savvy Gal said...

Nice preppy look. I think we are all in this preppy mode. : ) xo

Reese Milania said...

Doing fine here, Epic Fail? uy hindi naman ah.

Sherin said...

You're definitely l;ooking great in the preppy/rock look. The leather skirt looks gorgeous.

janettaylor said...

Perfect skirt!


ana b. said...

I bought a leather skirt which I never wore. I just wasn't brave enough for it. So good on you for being brave! Leather needs a lot of confidence :)

Sweet said...

I love the skirt...nothing more nothing less...the length...the folds and the color plus!!! perfect!!!