Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three Things

I´m loving this week:


Lily Cole and her pink bag.  I´ve got a soft spot for Lily and structured bags. She´s got the beauty and brains and that bag she´s wearing is roomy and a classic. Perfect! Does anybody know what brand this is?

Photo source and story here.


Back home, I was hooked on imported bottled Puttanesca sauce.  I didn´t know it was so easy to prepare until I found this recipe here!

To add:

1. Use very ripe tomatoes. You can also add a little tomato sauce and/or pasta water if you want to maintain the sauce´s consistency.
2. You can add more anchovies for that richer taste.
3. You can use dried chili flakes instead of whole chili but but don´t put a lot unless you want your sauce to be very spicy.


I don´t normally wear scarves but I love collecting them. Here´s my latest:

Love, love the powder blue and orange combo of the print.The best part is... it´s thrifted! ;)

So what are you loving this week?




SunnyToast said...

Great post.....this week I'm deciding if I'll buy the Mulberry Alexa Satchel..grh!

cherie said...

awwww!!!! the puttanesca pic made me go so hungry... and i love lily cole as well! she has this very unique look :)

janettaylor said...

Yummy...yummy things! :)

Laura said...

mmm...putenesca sauce looks delish =) I'm so in love with scarves too! Your new one is fabulous!!!

Pop Champagne said...

haha I don't often wear scarves either but I do have a collection of them as well! :D

Sherin said...

Really love the scarf!! Looks really pretty.

Kavery said...

Perhaps the bag's vintage? The print of your scarf is so pretty. I have a nice collection now that it's winter here