Monday, June 20, 2011


Howdy, howdy!

Yesterday was a sunny day. Too sunny in fact that I got so lazy to go out. Well, we did went to mass to this old place up in the mountains with an interesting view of the city but I forgot to take my cam so no photos. Boo!

Later in the afternoon and still sunny, I got bored staying indoors, called my friend and we met up outside for a long walk and a visit to the local fair. ( and forgot to bring the camera again, hehe! )

Then the hubz said: I thought you wouldn´t want to go out!
Me: Well, I changed my mind. ( insert sheepish grin here)
Hubz: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Women!

Bwahahaha! :)

So this was what I wore:

bow shirt- Zara ( summer sales last year)

old  belt- Mango ( summer sales from 3 years ago)

The belt´s fuschia in color. It just came out red in the photo. Since I was wearing black and white, I used a colored belt to break up the classic colors that I was wearing.

bailarinas- H&M, ring- local store

So how was your Sunday, luvs? Belated Happy Father´s Day to all the Daddys out there! :)




Leia said...

Cute top! :)


Jing said...

i always love black shorts with cute top combined.this is a big check for me te che! :)

fashionismyh2o said...

I love those shorts :) I think they're very chic + the pop of colour from the belt is great!


Rose said...

My sunday wasnt great, I had an early shift :/ but I have tomorrow of instead, so thats ok.
Your top is cute, love anything with bows on it :)


Laura said...

You look so cute=) I love that pop of color it's perfect!

Style Journey said...

The belt is a great addition to your black and white outfit! The bow shirt is absolutely adorable.

Sherin said...

Love what you wore. The black and white go so well together. And I love your shoes as well.

Kavery said...

Cute shorts. Hubbys must be used to us changing our minds by now, should'nt they?

Reese Milania said...

haha women!

Anyway love the belt!


hello che!!! :) Sorry i wasnt able to visit your blog in the past months. ive been busy.. by the way this is such a comfy outfit! and thats a sweet smile!

Pop Champagne said...

that is a neat top! and black and white always go great together!

SunnyToast said...

Love the top...simple but so chic:)

Noelle Chantal said...

Che, love the shorts so much! You can wear them with heels or anything!! And the top, very cute with all the tiny bows :)