Monday, June 6, 2011

Nude, Florals and Denim

I finally debuted my new shoes  yesterday. And the short denim jacket too. Both to church paired with an Alexander Wang-ish lambskin summer bag which I´ve had for five years now.

After looking at the photo below, I can´t help but notice that I´m beginning to look exactly like my mother. So round, I even have her legs. lol! Don´t we all at some point in our lives? ;)

Love the slightly flirty flare of this floral dress. I usually cover the upper arms when I wear this dress because the gartered sleeves is a bit tight making my arms look like freshly wrapped spring rolls, hehe. A short jacket is really handy when it comes to this type of ah... situation. ;)

So yeah, I debuted two things yesterday and I felt so girly while walking in the sun. Makes we want to wear skirts more now that the sun is up for good.

dress- Bershka
denim jacket- Pull & Bear
bag- Mango
shoes- local Spanish store

Have you worn anything new today?




SunnyToast said...

I love the bag!

Laura said...

You look so pretty your shoes are fantastic and I love your skirt the movement it has is so wonderful!

Sherin said...

Ooo, you look so pretty. I love the new shoes and the bag is really pretty!

cherie said...

the shoes and the bag are such a perfect combo! btw, thank you for the advice you gave me ate che :) really appreciate it.

Jing said...

tua ra!love it ate che!gisuot na ju perfect with your dress and denim jacket.bungga lagi ka te!:)

Leia said...

What a nice dress! :)


janettaylor said...

Lovely outfit!

Alexandria said...

The title of your blog attracted me here, and I am so glad I stopped by.

following you now.

when you get a moment maybe you wanna visit mine?

Kavery said...

Pairing the dress with denim makes it look even better. And your shoes are fab.

Stephanie said...

love ur bag!!!
follow you ;)
xx , hope you like my blog ;)