Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lake Landa

Warning: Picture heavy post

What to do on a hot and lazy afternoon? The city where I live lies in the middle of huge mountains.Quite enchanting to see and visit but if you feel like going to the beach, you´ve got to travel at least an hour or so to see one. So the old folks around here decided to flood a small town and and convert the place into something nice and relaxing where you can have boat rides once in a while aside from taking a dip. And that my darlings was how the artificial lake was born. ;)

I got so lazy to dress up and so I didn´t change but wore what I was already wearing at home. The lightest shirt that I could find, a pair of flip flops and...

yup, some tattered cut-offs for casual fun.

Of course, a picnic on the lake is not complete without some chow.

And still more chow, hehe.

The water´s cold after some toe dipping and so this was how far I went on the water, at the shoreline. lol!

But I did walk and strut at the side of the lake to burn calories from the bread and paté that I munched a while ago.

By sunset, the lake changes into this:

So beautiful, no? So that´s how I spent one my afternoons last week.

top- Mango
cut-offs, multi-colored belt- Lefties
flip flops- Ipanema
hat- Zara

What about you in there?




SunnyToast said...

Picnic is such a lovely idea..I love your orange bag:)


Jing said...

Ate che, lakes in foreign countries are way way way better than lakes in Philippines no?actually I haven't seen a beautiful lake here. :(
lami lagi diha mgdate date
i super love your casual outfit.esp.your shorts.:)

ana b. said...

Gorgeous looking afternoon outing, Che!

Style Journey said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

You look perfect for a day of relaxing. Love your fedora hat. I haven't worn my yet this summer, but seeing you I just want to wear it now.

janettaylor said...

Love that nail polish! I need a lilac nail pail polish!


Sherin said...

The lake looks like such a beautiful place. And love the shorts you're wearing.

Laura said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun =) Lake Landa is beautiful it's a bit like an urban beach =) but not... On another note your food looked very tasty and your hat is delightful! =)

Savvy Gal said...

what a great day!!!

Marielleheart said...

Beautiful pictures! That hat is super cute! Would you like to follow each other? love, m.

Leia said...

What a beautiful location! I'd love to visit there one day!


Kat said...

love this look! :)

Gayle said...

Thank you so much! I've missed visiting your blog : )

Kavery said...

A perfect place for a picnic. And you have the best outfit for it too. I love the sunnies:just got my first pair of aviators

Mary said...

Such lovely picnic!
Great pics.You look so pretty;)
I love your hat!
Have a great weekend:)
See you soon

Nuna said...

The place looks so relaxing. Perfect place for a picnic! And oh, i love what you are wearing. :)