Thursday, June 16, 2011

Visiting the Vineyards

A sunny afternoon only means one thing. Travel. It doesn´t matter if it´s just around the neighborhood. It´s the thought and the fun that goes with it that counts! ;)

I´m so lucky that in less than an hour from the city where I live, I get to see grapevines rolling down the hills.

top- Mango

The grapes are still green and tiny. You can´t hardly see them unless you click the photo below twice. ;)

This denim dress that I´m wearing is actually a maxi skirt. I just hiked it up and voila, I´m wearing a strapless dress! One of the advantages of being petite. The thing is, the skirt/dress kept falling down and so I also kept pulling it up while walking. Ngeeh! Good thing I was wearing a short sweater over it and so I was saved from having the ultimate wardrobe malfunction. hahaha!

skirt/dress- local store, bag-from Morocco, leather bracelet and ring- local fair

sandals- Blanco

As we travel along the evergreen hills and mountains while listening to the car radio ( isn´t this nice, too?), we also get to see small quaint towns ( double click photo for larger view) which are so picture-perfect on their own and...

I even get to pose beside an olive tree!

And rested on a thousand year burial place. ;)

Later, we visited the remains of an old Roman bridge and capped the day with a late dinner of tapas/pinchos in Haro. Well that´s another story. So you see, you don´t have to go that far to see lots of beautiful places. Look around you. I´m sure just nearby, you could chance upon a lovely spot which you´ve never seen before. ;)

Happy weekend, luvs!




Kavery said...

Walking through vineyards is very therapeutic. You look very cool in that skirt. Love the sandals

L1L2 said...

how fun! how beautiful! and the perfect hat:)

Jing said...

how cute the rock formation,te che!you look like a local spanish chica.i love your hat!

Rose said...

I agree, theres so many places close by to visit, you dont have to go far.
That little village looks lovely.


Sherin said...

I would love to visit a vineyard one day. It looks so beautiful. And that hat looks so pretty on you.

Laura said...

What a cool trip!!!! I LOVE your outfit it's so relaxed and cute =) Long live the skirt/dress!

fashioneggpplant said...

im really envying you right now, what an awesome place! :)

Sweet said...

nakaka-inggit ang scenery!!! I really love the beautiful image and the place...totally breathtaking... and your bag!!!! I want hahahaha!!!

thanks for making me smile...and yes I am happy that I am learning to be positive despite everything...


Mom Daughter Style said...

i love the outfit as usual. di pa ako nakapunta sa may grapevines.

im glad you are enjoying