Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One Hot Day

A spur of the moment trip for us is driving into the woods and if that fails, bungee jumping. Hahaha! Just kidding on that last one. ;)  Anyway, when the flat starts to get stuffy in the afternoon, we usually escape to the nearby towns and vineyards.


First stop was the hubzy´s favorite hangout place in the La Rioja Alavesa region, Laguardia. Although I´ve   already featured this place in passing in one of my earlier posts, I  forgot to show you something cute which I think every fashionista would love. Presenting the bags...


and the shoes. Too bad they´re permanently stuck on the table and are made of iron. There´s zero chance for anyone to grab a piece of bag or a pair of shoes or both and take them home as souvenirs. I´d be the first one if it´s allowed! ;)


Then off we went pincho(tapa) hunting. It´s what´s Spain´s famous for aside from paella and football. ;)



A delicious tapa/pincho is best eaten with a glass of La Rioja Alavesa wine in one hand.


Much, much later, we stopped by El  Puerto Herrera which overlooks La Rioja-Alavesa. And yep, more picture taking too. ;)


I´m loving loose and very light tops with jeans these days ( what´s new?) and so it´s time to recycle this simple yellow number which I first wore here. Close-up of the bangle here if you´re interested. Wearing a multi-colored bangle is my way of dressing up an otherwise boring outfit. ;)

( top- H&M, jeans- Zara, leather sandals- Pull& Bear)

Ah summer, I do love thee but you´re starting to suffocate me. You´re overstaying , ya know.

So how´s your week? I hope you all liked the photos! :)

Still sunny kisses from here,



Noah Homola said...

Wow, looks like you have a charmed life! I'm jealous.

Also, those pics of food made me hungry.

Becca. said...

gorgeous outfit! :-)

thanks for the comment on my blog,

SunnyToast said...

And now can I have your top! yellow my fave color! grh!

I really love it...so comfy in the pic;)

Sherin said...

Looks like such an amazing voice. Love the table with the shoes and bags.

You look lovely as well. The yellow top looks so pretty.

Mom Fashion World said...

Hello Ate!
You are looking more and more fabulous
every day! Yellow looks great on you!

P.S. Thanks so much for the birthday greeting!
Greatly appreciated. Take care.

Melmo said...

i like the yello color! it suits you well :)

cherie said...

i love the yellow top, it's so refreshing on the eyes! and the food, it just looks delicious with the wine!

janettaylor said...

Lovely and comfy outfit, my dear!


Laura said...

Mmmm that food looks delish! I always love your travel/outfit posts it makes me want to do some jet setting! Also I really love yellow on you it's definitely a good color for you.

Mom Daughter Style said...

it's good that I just had breakfast kundi gugutumin ako. I love the yellow top.

match.box.muse said...

love your yellow top! that meal looks so delicious! hope you're having a great week :)

love, M

Audrey Leighton said...

gorgeous pictures. love the shirt



Sovina said...

Lovely food and lovely yellow! i do want to visit Spain sometime...have heard so much about it :)