Monday, October 10, 2011

Hot Choco

What happens when the weather suddenly turns wintery from summery? A double dose of hot choco and most importantly, a drastic wardrobe change. So this was how my Saturday went. From open neck to turtleneck, in just one day.


It´s been a while since I wore this pair of shoes. What´s not to love about this choco browns?  It has a vintagey design which I find appealing and it´s the second of the only two pairs of shoes the  hubz bought me. I remember how I ¨acquired¨  these four years ago. One autumn afternoon, when the hubz came home from work, I dragged him to the shoe store downstairs ( because we lived uptairs and yep, we´re that lucky) and pointed them to him in my broken Spanish. Today, even if I´d convince him in my near-perfect Spanish to buy shoes for me again, he´d balk because my shoes have suddenly multiplied exponentially  after buying this pair. hahaha!


By the way, I´m wearing mix prints! I feel so IN right now. ;) Can you tell? ;)
( turtleneck- Mango, belt- Lefties, skirt- New Yorker)

So after  a weekend of endless hot choco, turtlenecks and scarves, we´re back to being summery again. Isn´t the weather just... fussynating?

So how´s your weekend?




janettaylor said...

Lovely skirt!


Baby Budget Blog said...

Love how you mixed your prints! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog a while back! Visit again soon!

Mom Daughter Style said...

hi Che, im getting more and more shoes too lately. that shoes look so comfy.

Sherin said...

Those shoes really are gorgeous. I really love your skirt as well.

cherie said...

yey for mixed prints! love the leopard print and the weaved belt details :) hihi it's such a funny anecdote naman with your husband about shoes!

SunnyToast said...

Love your skirt! Yes I agree animal print is hot!