Saturday, October 8, 2011

Super Matchy-Matchy

I don´t know what happened that day but I literally wore just two colors together and then off I went without a care in the world. Good thing I remembered to put on a colored bangle and bracelets on my wrists. This look isn´t so fashion, it´s ¨fast yawn- aka boring¨  but I couldn´t care less and I was happy. See what I mean in these photos? ;)





What I only wanted was to wear this long denim skirt and the rest was an afterthought. Pardon the fashion faux pas, I promise to dress like this... more. lol!

Enjoy your weekend, luvs! :)




Nelly said...

You look great in that mix.

shooting star said...

you look denim babe totally!!

Becca. said...

lovely outfit!


Sherin said...

Red and Blue is a great combination, and the two colours look great on you. Love the long denim skirt.

Margaret said...

this is adorable! quite appreciate the matchy match :) x

L1L2 said...

ow, the ensemble looks so fun! you should definitely dress like this more often... and while the skirt is fantastic, the vest looks equally great!

Kavery said...

Matchy matchy looks good. Love the clutch