Friday, October 28, 2011

City Tour

More travel photos for your viewing pleasure. I hope you aren´t bored yet. ;) I wore something light and breezy  because the weather´s still summery over there except in the early mornings and late nights. So I pulled out my oldest denim skirt for the last time before letting it rest in peace for good, a V-neck white shirt and a silky scarf to make the whole outift a little bit  interesting. Never mind about the clear tights. I was already dressed up and barelegged when the hubz suddenly burst through the door( from his early morning walk), looked directly at my legs and told me: If you don´t like to have goose bumps all over your legs once we step out from the hotel door, you gotta cover them up. And so I did and I´m glad that I did!


How cute are these lamps on the streets? I want to pick one and take it home with me. Would you too?


Most of the buildings/houses in the old quarter have a balcony. So quaint, so old world, so elegant. I´m loving it!


The octagonal ceiling of the main altar of the cathedral of Valencia. Very impressive actually.


A night photo of the city market bulding. This city has class. ;)


While visiting an acient bath house, these pair of wooden bath slippers caught my attention. Looks so Japanese, no? Nope, they aren´t. ;) I think they also use this kind of slippers/ closed shoes in some parts of Galicia. In winter while walking on the snowy streets!


Finally, a pose on the door photo. My travel photos can´t be complete without me posing on a door, any door for that matter. I don´t know, I just feel that I look good photogenic while posing on doors. Bwahahaha!

( cardigan- Bershka, shirt- Zara, skirt- F21, scarf- thrifted, bag- Tous)

Don´t forget to come back. I still have a few trip photos to show you. In the meantime enjoy your weekend while I´ll wrap myself like an Eskimo. Summer´s finally gone but it was sooo good while it lasted. I even thought it wouldn´t leave. ;) Sadly, autumn didn´t arrive but we have winter with us right now and it´s giving me a headache. It´s freaking cold!

Send me a warm hug, peeps, wherever you are! ;)



Noelle Chantal said...

Envy you! Always touring around!! Gosh, the street lamps are too beautiful!! I want one too!! Beautiful place and structures! You know how I love posts like this. :) And your bag is soo cute!!

Laureen Gazio said...

Nice photos !! I just want summer to be back yet ;)

SunnyToast said...

I really love your bag and the city looks you:)

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Che,thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! love your sweet, casual style - I will follow you - Cool to see all the place you travel to -

Ariane x

Kavery said...

Doors are great to pose in front of. Love your bag

Alexandria said...

great pictures! thanks for sharing. it's always nice to see pictures of places around the world :)

Taj Acosta said...

Nice pirtures! I love your bag and your shoes!! Makes the outfit pop! xx

L1L2 said...

nice tote!

Anonymous said...

love the place.. :)