Thursday, October 6, 2011


Let´s do nails today because I just got myself a pedicure. I rarely paint my fingernails ( Hello, neverending house chores!) but I do paint my toenails because I usually wear sandals, flip flops or open toed shoes on those very hot days. So I make sure that my toenails are clean and painted most of the time. FYI ( as if you didn´t know, hehe!) our feet needs  pampering too and yes, some breathing space so it can relax and that includes your toenails! :)


I don´t know what´s this color called but it looks like teal so teal it is. :) I bought it from a newly opened Italian cosmetics store here called Kiko Make Up Milano which has pocket friendly prices for a budget conscious gal like me. For a 30 ml (0.37 fl oz)  bottle, it only cost me 2.50 euros, double way much cheaper than say buying a bottle in Sephora or Chanel! I used two coatings and topped it with a glossy nail color from Maybelline.


When you wear a dark shade, choose a light colored or neutral sandals for maximum effect. This color is so autumn-ish. So I´d say that I´m on trend with this one, hehe.


So what are you painting your nails today?




janettaylor said...

Black, but I love Urs!


MIRIAM said...

Great nail ! I like it !

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Sherin said...

That's such a pretty colour. Mine are bright red today :)

Kacrates said...

I love that military green. Mine is a Metallic Purple Haze for a couple of weeks now

Kat said...

love the color! :D

Sacramento said...

Lovely colour nail polish. I always pant my nails in summer, but I will give them a break from autumn.

DailyGlamour said...

Pretty it is ! Thanks for your visit dear comme to see my new post