Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flower Puff Girl

I was thinking of wearing a long denim skirt but couldn´t find a suitable top for it at the last minute. Good thing this light knitted dress came to the rescue because we´re running late as usual and the rest just sorta followed. 


Sorta followed means wearing this pair of  multi-colored floral earrings and ...

floral earrings

this green bag whose color is so out of sync with my earrings and the floral pin of  my dress. ;)


Oh well at least it slightly matches my sandals. ;) ---> That´s the matchy-matchy ME thinking out loud. As usual, this is an impromptu outfit. And if you´re wondering why I´m still not bundled up unlike the rest of the gang here in this side of the world, it´s because it´s still summer here in Spain. Literally!

( knit dress- Zara, bag- Bershka,)

What are you wearing today?

Sunny kisses from here,



Laura said...

Cute-ness 100% all the way! Summer is so nice! Even here in FL we're getting chilly weather...

Mom Daughter Style said...

very lovely dress with a neutal color. I like the bag. It looks like a Chanel.

Kavery said...

Great to see it's still so warm there. Adding the flower is so cute

Leia said...

What a cute dress!


Sherin said...

I love this summer look. The dress and sandals are so pretty. Love the flower brooch!!

janettaylor said...

Such a cute outfit!

I am wearing:

- tweed motorcycle jacket by Zara (looks like Isabel Marant) with Karen Walker multicolor fly brooch
- plaid and sheer muslin tunic top by Loona Paris
- black leather shorts from Topshop
- Jean Paul Gaultier "Eiffel" tights
- black 'Anniversary" platform pumps by Dior
- black Versace handbag
- Kenneth Cole watch, Sonia Rykiel bow plastic bangle


j said...

you're so lucky that summer is overstaying in your part of the world. that outfit is cute.

been lurking here for quite sometime,enjoying the pics that you regularly post. keep it up!

Jelisaveta said...

Great photos and outfit! :)