Monday, August 29, 2011

Surviving Summer

My go-to summer top when everything else fails. It´s long which I can pair with shorts for those sizzling(literally) hot summer days and with a pair of skinny jeans for the chilly summer days.

If I look weird in the photo below, it´s because I placed the camera on top of the ledge of the balcony  half fearing that it would fall. Haay,the things that you´d  do for a better photo.

(plaid shirt dress- Pull & Bear, bangle- Blanco, necklace- Promod)

So what´s your fave go-to summer combination?

Enjoy your week, luvlies! :)


PS: These are actually three- week old photos which I´ve forgotten to post until now. More travel photos on my next posts and expect to see a much rounder and plumplier face too. ;)


janettaylor said...

LOVE that shirt!


Leia said...

Your hair looks nice in these pics! :)


Sherin said...

I have a pink dress which is usually my summer go-to outfit.

I love your pink top. It's so pretty.

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like the pattern of your bracelet

Radiant Make Up said...

Loving that pink checkered shirt - so pretty!
& these photos from your balcony really do have gorgeous lighting!! x

cherie said...

love the pink plaid blouse ate che, pink looks so good on you :)

My Style Vision said...

Love the pictures! I just followed you back!



Krystal said...

that is pretty close to my summer uniform too!