Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blue Floral Swirls

Third day of our Galician trip was spent at Lugo. A very old city founded by the Romans which we failed to see the last time we where in Galicia.

  1. Cam whoring while waiting for a small museum to open. We didn´t get to see what´s inside because it´s reserved for the whole afternoon. At least I get to take photos outside. My photos. hehe!
  2. Admiring the graceful columns of the main musem´s ¨cloister¨. The only place where we can take photos. Most of the museums here in Spain do not allow photo taking. Too bad because I´d have shown you a lot of things.
  3. A sundial. At first sight I  blurted:¨What´s that piece of rusty blade doing at the center of an old slab with diagonal lines?¨ The hubz replied: ¨ That´s not a piece of ordinary stone, Che. That´s a sundial!¨ There. So you know now. I´ve got little imagination.Weeheehee!
  4. My swirly floral top and and mini. The top is new, the mini is old. Ten years to be exact. Now you know why it´s riding too high on my legs for my age. I think because it shrunk from too much washing or that my hips have gone more horizontal. I hope it´s the first one that did it and not the latter.
  5. My cute kiddie sandals. From Zara Kids. True!
  6. Mandarin and Strawberry ice-cream. Nuff said. Fine, so I got another cup for seconds. Dieting be damned.
  7. Roman Wall. Lugo is only city in the whole world with an intact  Roman wall which was built between the 3rd to 4th century. UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Two+ kms. long.Who the hell dares to walk on it under the midday sun? Me, me! After 200 meters I gave up. It´s too hot, I got down. The hubz finished it for me while I was cooling myself inside Zara. He got sunburned, I got sore legs. But we´re both happy. In different ways, of course. ;)
  8. The first order of the day when we arrived, an outfit photo. It was raining in La Coruna and so I wore flip flops ( don´t wanna ruin my kiddie shoes, noh!.) then changed when we arrived in sunny Lugo.
There goes my Lugo adventure.

So how´s your week. I´m so happy that the north wind has come, it cooled down things for a while. For how long, I don´t know.




janettaylor said...

Great choice! U look so lovely!

My Style Vision said...

Thank you for your lovely comment!
I'm following you! Gorgeous outfit!



Sherin said...

All the pictures are gorgeous. Your top is gorgeous and the ice cream looks delicious.

à la Modest said...

Kiddie shoes? I wouldn't have thought that! What's the adult size of your feet? I like the style of the shoes!

Noelle Chantal said...

Lucky you to be able to travel and stroll around always! I wanna see the Roman Wall too, beautiful day you had! :)

Kavery said...

This is why I need to visit Europe again. Still so much to see

Mom Daughter Style said...

that's my kind of top Che!

thanks for sharing your recent travel experience. nice pictures as usual.

Leia said...

I want that ice cream! :P