Sunday, August 7, 2011

OOTD: Checks

Howdy, all! :)

Frankly, I do not know what to write in this post because I´ve lost my writing mojo. Not that I have a lot of it anyway. hahahaha! Okay, I take that back. It´s just that my brain cells as usual have gone haywire or are still numb from lack of sleep or from the summer heat or both. So I´ll just start this post with ¨ finally I got to wear a real skirt, the flouncy one that twirls with you when you twirl around¨ and end it with ¨ let me entertain you with some photos¨.  Do I make sense?  If not, just scroll down anyway and forget what I´ve said in the beginning. ;)

clutch- Bershka

top, hat- Zara, belt- H&M, skirt- Mango

Actually, I had a walk in one of the many parks in here, listened to old classical band music played by the city band, bought some pastel vasco and a pretty leather bangle and then got lost in the festive crowd. Fiesta photos to follow in my next posts.

Now excuse me while I get lost in the crowd AGAIN. Enjoy your Sunday, luvs! :)




janettaylor said...

Cute clutch!

Kavery said...

No need to write anything - all that sunshine and your summer outfit says it all. Enjoy!

Kat said...

that clutch is so cute!!! lovely look :)

Sherin said...

It's such a pretty skirt. It's a great length as well. I wish it was nice enough here to wear skirts.

Laura said...

Too cute!!! I can't get over that clutch It's fabulous!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

looks so comfort