Friday, August 19, 2011

At St. James

Every August, my city becomes a ghost town ( except for a number of tourist sightings) right after celebrating the fiesta. You know why? Because everybody jets off to somewhere, us included. I originally wanted to go to Rome but when the hubz said that Rome is too hot at this time of the year and tempted me with the words ¨seafood¨ and ¨cool weather the whole day¨, my thoughts on Rome took a backseat and readily said yes to Galicia instead.We stopped by La Coruña ( the region´s capital city) first and used it as a base and went to St. James of Compostela by train.

I didn´t get to photograph the whole facade of the basilica but that´s how it looks like in the first photo. It´s HUGE! The photo below is a snap shot of the St. James of Compostela skyline from the top of the basilica.

But there were a lot of things to see on the streets too:

I had my photograph taken in front of the bells ( they´re 3 actually) but ..

I didn´t ride the tram which is usually filled with tourists who hate walking while seeing the sights. This city by the way sits on top of a hill and so riding the tram is the best way to see the main spots of the city without hurting your leg muscles and feet. But as they say, the best way to enjoy the place is to walk amongst it´s people and so I huffed and puffed while doggedly following the hubz. It´s worth it because...

lunch consisted of a big platter of Seafood Paella ( a must-try) for two

and this bread which I´m still craving until now. They don´t usually serve this kind of bread in the Spanish basque region where I live and so I didn´t only pig out on  seafoods but on the bread as well. I could eat this for breakfast up to dinner.  No wonder I gained a lot of ¨poundage¨ while I was there! ;)

My outfit is similar to this. I just wore a different colored top, a yellow tote, my one and only summer hat ( all of the hats that I found are  similar to this so the practical me decided not to buy another one) and my favorite stone studded sandals of the season. When I bought this super sparkly thing, my friend commented that it looks tacky with the multiple stones. ¨I know.¨ I told her with a huge grin ¨ but I feel so comfy wearing it¨. Until now, this pair never failed me. ;)

(top- Lacoste, skirt and hat- Zara, bag- Longchamp le Pliage tote)

So how did your vacay go?




Alexandria said...

gorgeous place. the architecture behind you looks stunning!

Sherin said...

What a gorgeous place. All the buildings look so beautiful. I love the skirt you're wearing as well.

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

These photos are amazing!!!
Looks like you had a fabulous vacation!!!

Alma said...

This looks amazing! Loving the photos :)


Katia said...

Great photos, looks like a lovely place to be! Cute skirt too :) My vacatons were great! I went to Paris and New york, but mainly for shopping, didn't see as many beautiful buildings as you did!

ellie said...

Awesome post! I'm afraid I went nowhere. Lovely outfit!

vitaMinn style said...

Wow! Great photos, Che! Would love to visit someday! Speaking of, well be in Manila next May so Baka you're planning to go home as well, we could meet up!!

I don't think sparkly stuff are tacky at all! In fact I prefer them too as you do, adds the oomph in any outfit!!

About the hotel, Im so used to it now, I probably stay in hotels more than in my own home!!

Kavery said...

Love the skirt. I'm a fan of great bread too and those chunks look so earthy and yummy