Monday, August 27, 2012

Chevron and Taupe

Hola, hola!

How´s your weekend? Mine was spent at home. I´ve got enough tan, in fact, I´m turning crispy brown and so I layed low for a while from the sun. hehe! Anyway, here´s a snap shot from last week while having coffee at the old quarters of my city:


The old quarters of my city has four ancient churches, I snapped one for you. I mean a belfry for you, lol!

I thought that since the old quarters isn´t that huge, I´d might as well break in my new choco brown sandals. Ten minutes later, while holding on to the hub arm for dear life, I´m cursing myself why I didn´t bring my trusty flats with me. I´ve completely forgotten about the steep roads ahead! Oh well...


Limping and with two large blisters on each foot, I still managed to have my photo taken with the lifesize statue of Ken Follett, the author of ¨World Without End¨

top, clutch-local store, pants- Pimkie, necklace- Mango, sandals- Mustang

So where have you been lately?



PS: This was supposed to be a scheduled post for last week while I was on my Italian tour. Unfortunately, I forgot to hit the ¨publish¨ button after saving this as a scheduled post and it ended up as a draft post, hehe.


Sherin said...

I love the last picture!
Great outfit too: I love the top.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

thanks for sharing pictures..