Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Roaming in Rome

I had my Italian holiday last week, hence, the blog was silent. I did prepare some scheduled posts but I wasn´t that techno savvy enough to hit the ¨publish¨ button and so you ended up with the same post all week last week. lol! Anyway, here´s the 1st part of my short Italian tour. First stop, Rome:





Aside from the usual touristy sites, a visit to the catacombs is a must. The guide told us that there were a total of 60 catacombs in Rome but as of today, only five are open to the public. This catacomb is one of the biggest but we only got to reach a few a kilometers downwards. If you´re claustrophobic, this isn´t for you but for those who aren´t, it´s very intersting. We weren´t allowed to take photos inside so I ended with these photos only.




Above photo is the world famous Trevi Fountain. It´s spectacular, my photo didn´t do justice to the whole work. Below is the Spanish Steps. IMHO, there´s nothing spectacular about the Spanish Steps. It´s just  a set of 138 stairs which lead to the Trinita` dei Monti church at the top. Historically, this was built between 1723-1725 and structurally, it was known to be the widest staircase in Europe. It´s called Spanish Steps because it´s located at the base of the Piazza di Spagna, also near the Spanish Embassy.


A very interesting fact for those who love high end shopping, the Via Condetti (a long street which leads directly to the Spanish Steps) is where you can find your fave  the high end stores like Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Céline, Hérmes, etc. Since  we´re on a budget, I only did some window shopping, hahaha! :)

shirt dress- Bershka, bag- Longchamp le Pliage, sandals- Zara
This is it for now. More travel photos to come on my next posts. I hope you´re enjoying the mid-week.

Ciao for now!



Encarna said...

I have been twice in Rome, it is a beautiful place and full of history!.
Last time I went to Rome(4 years ago) it was in summer time and I remember that it was so hot!

Sherin said...

I need to visit Rome. I've wanted to go for ages, but have never had the chance to go. These pictures came out great. Makes me want to go even more.

SunnyToast said...

Love your top! I must have that! lol and rome..heaven:)

Thank God I was okay with the bad weather:)

L1L2 said...

you are a lucky girl! we want to be roaming in rome and wearing that dress! :)

Bravoe Runway said...

This is my dream to visit Italy someday and to go shopping in Milan for a weekend :)

FashionGeek said...

love the dress!
can't wait to see you on my blog!

Daisy Roadster and Coco said...

Love your tiger dress !