Monday, February 4, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Blue Jacket, Mousy Brown Boots

¡Feliz lunes a tod@s!

I don´t know what´s happening but I seem to be buying anything blue in the sales lately. I was planning on buying a wool jacket but I haven´t found the ONE so I ended up buying a blue moto jacket instead. Now, I have a pair of blue shorts and skinny jeans, a v-neck blue sweater, and this blue jacket. Looks like I´m in  a blue mood these days. ;)


Anyway, do you wish to have a pair of low maintenence shoes where you don´t give a damn if it gets dirty or not? I´ve just found mine in these mousy brown colored booties. It´s one of those pairs which are made for walking and where it´s okay if it gets dirty because it already looks dirty, hahaha! This is my favorite go-to pair nowadays when I take a walk and that´s all the time.


It looks like winter´s back in my side of the world again. It´s rainy, cold and wet as usual. *sigh* I´m so tired of this gloomy weather. By the way, here´s another ¨Wait, I´m not ready!¨ shot:

sweater, jeans, booties- Mango, jacket- Fórmula Joven(local brand)
As usual, the photogrpaher aka the hubz was in a hurry to take my photos so I always ended up with this awkward pose, hehe.

Have a productive week, y´all! :)




Marlen said...

haha well blue looks great on you so i can see why you keep buying it! and that motto jacket is very sleek- i would rather have that than a wool jacket ;)

xo Marlen
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Juneli said...

You know, I've been putting together a lot of blue looks these days too! Love your moto jacket, though!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

Sweet said...

Hello babe!!! I miss you... I've always miss everyone... true enough a comfortable shoe is a must... but I love how fierce the jacket looks good on you...


janettaylor said...

I really love your boots!

Kat said...

i LOVE your outfit! such a fabulous look :)