Monday, February 25, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Beauty Regimen

Today on Anything Goes Monday, let´s talk abut something that I never mention here in the blog, my so-called beauty regimen or little thereof, hahaha! Anyway, I´m the type of gal who believes that less is better. I´m not one who likes to complicate things and so I opt for a simple beauty routine. Moreover, you don´t have to use the most expensive brands to look really good, it´s a question of finding the right brand for you and eating healthy because what you eat is what you look. In my case, I stick to the basics and it works for me. :)

1. Hair

I have medium-thick wavy hair and it usually dries up during the very hot months and winter and so I shampoo it every other day. Surprisingly, this silicone-free shampoo and conditioner duo by Pantene makes my hair straighter and finer which I like. Also, just before blow drying I put on a tiny drop or two of  hair oil to seal the ends, thus, I don´t end up with dry and unmanageable hair.


2. Face

I´m lucky that I inherited the clear (facial) skin gene of my parents and so having pimples are a rarity although I do get them once in a while when I have those hormonal imbalance days. I clean my face with an exfoliant and then finish it off with this dark spot corrector by Garnier which I´ve been using for months now. My dark spots have not totally disappeared but it actually did lighten! ;) For those really cold days, I also put on this Olay moisturizer over the Garnier. The Olay moisturizer has a very light texture which I love wearing during spring and those cool summer days. For those really sunny days, after putting on the moisturizer, I finish off with a SPF 50 sunscreen from L´oreal. The sunscreen has a quite sticky texture and so I only use it when it really gets sunny outside. I use a facial mask sparingly, only on those days when I feel that I have greasy skin.


3. Body

I´m a gal who likes to use beauty essentials in pairs and so what I use as a shower gel is usually the same brand or scent that I use as a lotion and even the cologne. ;)


For the light summer days, I usually use these fruit scented products by Yves Rocher, a French brand way much cheaper than L´Occitane. The lotion has a very light texture, perfect for those days when you don´t like to put on an extra heavy lotion on your body.


I´m a Body Shop lover, I´ve been using their products for years! It´s too bad that the local Body Shop store here in my city closed down and so this is the last of what I have that I´m using right now, the Moringa scented gel and body butter. For those very especial days, I use this floral line by L´Occitane. I use L´Occitane products sparingly because they´re not really cheap, hehe but the quality of the shampoo, scents and lotions is really top notch! As for drugstore brands, I alteranately use between Dove (not pictured here) and Nivea. They´re great especially for those really cold days because they moisturize really well. Just don´t forget to slather on your creams or lotions when your skin still damp to maximize absorption by the skin. ;)


Well, there goes my simple beauty regimen. So what´s yours? ;)

Happy Monday, it´s still snowing heavily in here!

Cold hugs,



Ann, Heather and Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing your beauty products. It's about the only way I find out what other women are using. At my age, we don't talk about it much :(
Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

Rebecca S. said...

Wow, you take great care of your skin. I wish I did the same!!

Janice Lunes said...

Great post ;)

Cool to see what you use indeed :D

I've not used Pantene before so I;ll check it out as well as the oil :)

Thanks for sharing !


Heather said...

I need to try that Nivea body lotion - I have the driest skin in winter!

Pearls & Paws