Friday, February 8, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Paris (Part 2)

Today on Flyday Fridays let´s talk about a palace, museums and  the historic quarter of France ´s most famous university. In other words, let´s talk about culture. ;) First, I must tell you to get a MUSEUM PASS online or at any tourism office when you arrive in Paris. I assure you, getting this pass saves time(shorter or no queuing!), money(entrance to the most important museums/monuments are free) and you can visit as much as 60 museums in and around Paris. How´s that for a deal? :)

Anyway, a trip to Paris is never complete without a visit to the Versailles and it´s gardens. Unfortunately, I went there on a stormy day( yep, so unlucky for me) and so I never did get to enjoy the lovely palace grounds and Marie Antoinette´s  apartment. Even so, I had a lovely time inside the palace and it´s even photogenic despite the bad weather, no? ;)

Paris(Aprul 02-05-2010) 011

If you love contemporary arts like Monet, Manet, Degas,Gaugin, etc..., what I can I say, the Musée d´Orsay has the best collection. It´s worth the visit although be careful, photography isn´t allowed in this museum! Don´t say that I didn´t warn you when you get caught. ;) Anyway, that´s me sitting in-between the statues of Asia and Africa outside of the museum about two years ago.

Paris(Aprul 02-05-2010) 182
Paris (22-25, April 2011) 059
top-Promod, cardigan- Zara, corduroy shorts-local store

If your ¨trip¨ is modern art, and you´re a fan of Picasso, Kandinsky, Gris, Chagall, Dalí and Warhol among others, then the Musée National d´Arte Moderne is for you housed at Centre Pompidou. I had my fill of cubism, dada, surrealism, etc. in this museum. I´m a fan of abstract art although most of the time I don´t understand them. lol! By the way, the building has a sky deck which allows you to photograph the skyline of one side of Paris. You can even see the Sacre Couer from a distance. :)

Paris(Aprul 02-05-2010) 186

As for super classic art and srchitecture, you can visit the Musée de Cluny  which houses artifacts from the Middle Ages.

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 128

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 135

After visiting the Cluny Museum, take a walk pass by the historic quarter of the University of Paris in Sorbonne. It was closed when we got there and so we didn´t get to see what´s inside but it´s such a lovely place to stop, rest and have a cup of coffee and probably some crepes to go with while people watching. ;)

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 142

You can really tell that this is  a ¨university town¨ because the metro´s ceiling of Cluny Sorbonne is filled with the signatures of the famous philosophers, poets, writers and even scientists and kings who have paid tribute to this Latin Quartier for eight centuries. It has also this bird mosaic which I love!;)

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 143

I discovered the Musée de l´Orangerie by accident while the hubz and I were taking taking our afternoon siesta at theTuileries Garden located between the Place de Concorde and the Louvre. As I was fanning myself because it was terribly hot at that time(it´s early spring but it felt like summer!) I saw this beautiful building at our left. It not only has a small but impressive collection of contemporary artists but it also houses this beautiful painting of Coco Chanel and a whole sala( or was it two?) of Claude Monet´s Water Lilies. I hit the jackpot!

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 213
Paris (22-25, April 2011) 199
Paris (22-25, April 2011) 212

Y por supuesto( and of course), I had to have my photo taken with one of impressive water lily paintings in the background as a souvenir shot, see that giddy face? ;)
Paris (22-25, April 2011) 210
top- Mango, bermudas- H&M, bag- Longchmp le Pliage
That´s it for now. Sorry for the long post. I hope you learned a little from the photo overload and the non-stop rambling, hahaha!

Have fun and enjoy the weekend dahlings while I stay warm over here. :)




april said...

i always wanted to go to paris one day..your so lucky..have fun and enjoy!

SunnyToast said...

oh paris:)My dream place...I love your bag! so red!

shooting star said...

Paris is so romantic and i wanna visit it so much!!

you look chic and travel ready in the outfits :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I've been lucky enough to have visited Paris twice but had not visited any museums yet - thanks for the info and recs!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

i hope i can go to Paris...