Sunday, February 10, 2013

Food Weekend: Tapas/Pinchos

Today on food weekend let´s talk about tapas or pinchos as what they call here in the Spanish basque region.

far right: boiled egg, surimi strips and mayo with shrimps on top
These are canapé like bread, eggs or vegetable and topping combinations sold in every bar in Spain. They are not only colorful and tasty but tummy filling too. There are a gazillion of combinations you can find and are worth every bite. ;) They´re perfect as a snack, for lunch and even as a light dinner too!

morcilla*  slices with fried quail egg
They can also come in pizza type or quiche:
peppers, bacon, mushrooms, onions
with veggie( zucchini), caramelized bell peppers/onions and chicken


or with pan fried/roasted whole green peppers topped on a bed of juicy loin.


What´s more important is that it has everything that you want in a sandwich but in small portions. Matches well with a glass of wine, a pitcher of sangría, beer, juice or any beverage that you want. The possibilities are endless! ;)

Did I make you hungry? ;)

Come back for more tapa/pincho photos on my next food posts. I´m making this a bi-monthly  tradition or even tri-monthly if I have the time. :)

Happy Sunday!


*- morcilla is the Spanish version of the blood sausage/pudding


Halima - Fashionicide said...

You have definitely made me hungry ;) What's worse is I have nothing edible in my fridge just now, haha! :(

Can't wait for the new foodie post! :D



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