Monday, February 11, 2013

Anythign Goes Monday: Pinterest

When I get tired of looking at fashion sites and personal style blogs for inspiration, I turn to Pinterest. I know you do that too! ;) It´s the only site so far(IMO) where you can browse and oggle at your favorite things in one place and then save/pin them and for in-depth reading( especially recipes and DYIs) later. The pins also link back to the original uploader which to me is a very good way to acknowledge the source.

Anyway, it was in Pinterest where I got to learn how to loosen one of my super tight shoes in minutes and it works! You only need your hair drier, thick socks and your tight shoes. Put your feet with  thick socks on  inside the shoes. Heat the part( not too close!) where it´s tight for a few seconds or more. Wiggle and spread your toes. Allow the shoes to cool down without removing your feet. Repeat again if needed but don´t remove feet with socks until the shoes have cooled down so that the leather will completely mold to your feet.  I got this DYI idea here . You can try it, it really work for me! :)


One thing that I don´t understand though is how come a black and white dotted top or pants or a black and white vertical or in the case of what I´m wearing, horizontal stripes have been appearing in Pinterest as monochrome this or monochrome that. It baffles me. Shouldn´t be these called two-tone and stripes?

top- Zara, skirt- Bershka
What do you think?;)




Luba Dimitrova said...

Cute flats :)

XX Luba


janettaylor said...

Lovely skirt!

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april said...

love your flats and skirt