Sunday, February 24, 2013

Food Weekend: Dinner Options

Hello there! :)

As part of  my *cough* less meat diet, I´ve been whipping up meatless dishes lately for dinner. One of these are shitake mushrooms which are becoming  a favorite of mine. I just love the smell and the creamy taste of shitake mushrooms when cooked. :)

Shitake and Cheese(optional) Omelette is a meatless dish made of stir fried strips of shitake mushrooms in toasted garlic, beaten eggs and parsley bits. I love adding grated or cubed cheese just before removing it from fire. It makes the whole dish creamier although it tastes delish as is without the cheese.


Canapes or montaditos in Spanish are for those days when the hubz and I just wanted something light for dinner. The ingredients are a no-brainer and you can find them easily in your refrigerator. I use mayonnaise, smoked salmon and top it with chopped green and black olives and pickled chinese cucumbers. They can be time consuming to chop and arrange but the burst of flavors is worth it!


For those really hungry nights, I turn to our all-time favorite, pasta. Instead of having bolognese or carbonara as sauce, I want  my spaghetti fairly simple. I just use a really good quality olive oil ( Spain has one of the best), toast garlic, add the shrimps, the pasta, bits of laurel leaf  for extra flavor, et voila! Just before serving, I sprinkle some dried parsley on it for color.


So what do you usually have for dinner nowadays? ;)

¡Qué aproveche!



Sweet said...

YUM!!! babe... I would love to taste the mushroom dish...but shrimp and pasta are always a good combination..

Hey, I am officially back in the Philippines this time for good...


Style Sud-Est said...

I love your shrimp pasta , i will keep that in mind
I have the asian version - mix honey with tamari and sesame oil, - cooked rice vermicelle, carrots, shrimps, ginger, chestnut and shrimp and add sauce!

Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Yummi!! All three pictures look really tasty!

Best Jasmin