Monday, February 18, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Thinking of Spring

Spring´s right in the air. Can you smell it? I can even see bright yellow flowers on the green grass yesterday! Call it cliché but when I think of spring, flowers always come to my mind and this pretty floral dress that I have which unfortunately don´t fit me any longer. Unless I go on a crash diet which I doubt I would (hehe!), I´d wear this over and over again. It looks and and also feels so fresh when I´m wearing it!

Leon and Oviedo 136 - copia

Needless to say, I´ll just make do with wha I have right now by wearing a nude skirt and complementing it with burgundy. There´s nothing wrong in extending the trend one season more, isn´t? ;)

skirt- Stradivarius
But I´ll still look for that perfect floral spring dress which will fit me to a T sans crash diet OR it could be in a pastel color just like the lavender below. ;)


Are you thinking of spring right now? ;)




janettaylor said...

:) Go fot it darling Che, Florals are always... :)

Sherin said...

I love those pictures. The outfit with the white skirt is so pretty.

A Possible Fantasy said...

in the mood for sunny days, too...

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Che!

Long time! First how lucky you are to travel all over Europe!
Maybe one day for me !
Yes sure extend the trend! the thing is to wear what makes you happy! Very cute skirt!
Oh yes spring can't come too soon i tell you
No sign here yet!

april said...

love the dress and love the skirt the most

J Ciriello said...

fellow marion berry link up
thanks for stopping by my blog
i love the idea of extending burgundy into spring with a neutral !