Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yellow Serpentine

I never liked things that wiggle and squirm. A  hissing sound chills my spine, even if only in my dreams. Don´t you know that dreaming about snakes means that somebody is ¨stabbing you at the back¨ ? But looking at this 2nd century BC gold snake jewelry collection makes snakes nice to look at and wear after all. ;)

These are treasures from Le Louvre from ancient Egypt and Crete. You see, nothing in fashion is original. Fashion may evolve but it always repeats itself. ;)

Casual outfit while visiting Le Louvre.

So how´s your weekend, dahlings? :)



Mom Daughter Style said...

I don't mind having snakes for accessories. They actually look so nice. I think people will notice when you have them on. Fashionable ka parin kahit casual outfit mo.

Sherin said...

I love snake accessories. I think they look really really cool.

Vintage Obsession said...

So true nothing is orginal its always a circle just a matter of where we are in the circle :) the collection is so gorgeous :)

Leah said...

I also have this fear of snakes... I like looking at snake accessories but I don't think I can wear them. Have a great day Che! xoxo

rebecca said...

I loved it when I went to the Louvre! It's just so amazingly huge, I had nowhere near enough time to explore it :(
Personally, I love the snakes

It's Cohen

Dane said...

I want everything in the second photo! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

OH GAWD! i abhor everything that squirms and wiggles too! the slime is just toooo much! haha!

i love your black motorcycle jacket! ;)