Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going Funky Tribal

Happy mid-week, dahlings!

To liven things up because this is a fashion blog after all, presenting my latest and  never been seen here find:

bangle set- Blanco

Just what I needed to go tribal this summer! ;)

In the meantime, allow me to share with you some of  the hubz ¨encouraging¨ lines to me during Mr. CP´s visit. By the way, Mr. CP isn´t leaving yet but I think he´s getting bored and tired staying in my place. ;)

Second day (with red spots and small blotches): You look strangely beautiful.

Third day (more red spots and bigger blotches): You still look strangely beautiful!

Fourth day (Mr. CP is full blown and really bad this time): Wow, you look like a monster! Don´t worry , you´ll recover from it soon. ( with a sheepish grin)

Today: Well... it´ll go away soon...

I wonder what the hubz will say to me tomorrow but he´s kinda sweet telling me that I still look pretty. The thing is, my skin and face really look scary. I mean scarier looking than this toad. lol!

So how´s your mid-week so far? Me, I´m sad because the sun´s decided to go summery and there´s a fair out  there ( with lots of food, market and all the works) but I´m stranded here while trying hard to kick Mr. CP´s ass away.

Lovely Wednesday  to all!



janettaylor said...

Mhmmmm... I love bangles very much. ;-)

Walk The Sand said...

Beautiful bangles... perfect for summer. The colours are perfect.

Jing said...

pretty colors and bangles te che!bagay sa summer.

Elaine said...

That's so sweet of your husband! :) And I'm sure you still look beautiful!!!

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Eden said...

the bangles are gorge, che! loves it. :)

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Leah said...

Lovely bangles Che... I love anything tribal too. Hope you get better soon and take care of the scars ha. Yung mga bilin ko gawin mo. xoxo

Becca. said...

gorgeous bangle! love it!
thankyou, it's taken a year to get to the big 100,000!
Thankyou for the comment on my blog :)


Sherin said...

Those are beautiful bracelets! The colours are so lovely.