Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dressing Denim

If some of you have already been reading my travel blog since early last year, chances are you might have already seen this dress. I´m re-posting the photos here ( I know, so unoriginal, hahaha!) to talk about the latest denim craze.

tube denim- Lefties

This is a charcoal- grey colored tube denim which I bought in the summer sales last year. If this year is all about chambray and medium washes, well, last year was all about charcoal grey and much darker washes. Sometimes I wonder if these things are really trends that you can dispose of readily at the end of the season or things that you should probably keep inside your closet for a long time. What d´yah think? ;)

pearl necklace- bazaar, Phils, belt- Lefties, shell bangles- H&M

gray wedges- Pull&Bear

I had that face because the top´s a little loose and I had to pull it up. hehe! Nevermind the awkward  crisscrossing of the legs, my early months into ¨self-photography¨. lol!

Original story here.

Happy weekend everyone!



Sherin said...

I do love that dress. It's defiitely something worth keeping after the season for the trend is over!

Leah said...

The crisscross legs is such a sexy pose 'no. I love it. And gorgeous dress too... di ko kaya na strapless ang dress kasi for sure malalaglag yun kasi walang sasalo. Hahaha! Happy weekend! xoxo

Dressing Up For Me said...

@ Leah : lol on that! :)

Rebecca Rose said...

Uy Che, love that dress sayo... Happy weekend!!!

Denise said...

ang sexy naman talaga. I love this dress on you. gorgeous!

I am Denise Katipunera

Mom Daughter Style said...

ang sexy mo naman Che. i like that denim dress. nahuhulog din ang mga strapless ko so di ko na sila masyadong sinusuot

janettaylor said...

SO sexy dress! U are so elegant, Cher! :)

Leia said...

Oh wow, really sexy dress! I like the cross-legged pose :P

Jing said...

wowowow! ang sexy mo dito ate che!super! and you have nice legs te che!!!