Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Dressing

Soon I´ll be wearing a dress and will walk amongst the flowers. Yikes, I´m so excited beacause because the weather´s been good, really good these days!

dress- local Spanish store

rice pearls- bazaar, Phils.

shell bangles- H&M

bangles- H&M

Time to get rid of  lessen this muffin top in the middle so that I won´t be looking like preggers when I´m wearing this dress. ;)

On another note, almost all international airports in Europe are in pandemonium for almost a week now because of that Icelandic volcano whose name  no one can really pronounce correctly save for those people living in Iceland. Repeat after me: Eyjafjallajokull.

Boy, aren´t we glad that we don´t have the budget  to travel right now? For those who are stranded, good luck to you guys and may you have a safe trip back home.

Have a beautiful day, lovelies!



Leah said...

Lovely dress Che... ang pretty ng prints. Naku, nilabas ko na din mga rice pearls ko. Hahaha! Pwede na gamitin ulit. xoxo

Dressing Up For Me said...


Naku rice pearls nga pala ito and not seed pearls. hahaha!

Leia said...

lovely dress! i am stressing out about my flight back to london, please volcano don't erupt again!

Anonymous said...

Nice print...very springy!!! im praying fervently that it will not erupt again, im soooo looking forward to my vacation :-/

Rebecca Rose said...

love your dress che and those rice pearls too,

about the pandemonioum in Europe, it sucks to be stranded at any airport for hours, let alone for days ,ay yay yay!... I just hope things will go back to normal.

Rose said...

The rice pearls are really pretty, ive never seen or heard of them before.


Elaine said...

Lovely dress!

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kirstyb said...

love that dress - gorge pattern xxx