Thursday, April 15, 2010

Floral Top

This was what I wore on my 3rd chilly day in Paris while visiting the Sainte Chapelle.

moto jacket- local Spanish store, shawl turned scarf ( because I forgot to bring one, hehe!)- Greenhills, Phils

floral top and necklace- Mango

I like this top because it´s so light and flowy. Perfect too for those bloated days. You´ll be seeing more of this top in the next few days.

ballerinas- H&M

 Pardon the crappy photos. It´s hard to be photogenic and cute when your bloated and your hair decides to go on strike. What´s more, the photographer is 9 ins. taller than you, the lights are dim and the camera is a bit low tech. I´m not complaining much (or am I?lol ), at least my photographer was willing and the camera is small and light and fits perfectly inside my bag.

Photos of the place here. Take a peek, the place is fab. Gothic fab!




Leah said...

The top is so pretty Che... I do that too pag wala ako scarf at sobra lamig, gamitin ang shawl. Kasehodang makapal ang effect, basta mawala lang ang lamig.

Leia said...

oh i love this outfit!

Rebecca Rose said...

Che I love your jacket, U look fab!!! Anyway where did you stayed nga pala???

Denise said...

weeeee love layers!

the black leather jacket is sooooo amazing! you look good. Love this look. MY fave look of you so far.

have a great day beyb!

I am Denise Katipunera

Sherin said...

Wow, I love your jacket. It looks really cool.

cherie said...

your red ballerina's complete your outfit! they look so adorable. parang gusto ko rin :)

janettaylor said...

Love the floral top, dearest Che! U are lucky...Paris! :)

Rose said...

Pretty top! I will be pulling my scarves out soon, its getting cooler by the day.
And no the rocking horse doesnt sway lol
And noooo blue isnt my new favourite colour, pink still comes in first place :)