Monday, April 19, 2010

Lemony Yellow

The best thing about a sunny day in a still cold place is the traveling , a lemony colored top...

v-neck top- Zara, pants- Guess

and lots of shiny, colored things thrown in in-between.

multi-colored pearls- bazaar, Phils.

ring for spring- Bjou Brigette

champagne colored pearls- bazaar, Phils.

Gone visiting places in Burgos(Spain). I admit, these two, well-dressed  musicians and I complement each other. ;)

jacket- Zara TRF, bag- Zara  (bought from the summer sales last year)

Since the wind blows from the cold northeast, a floral scarf is rightfully needed for the chill factor.

scarf- from a traveling store last year

If green is life, yellow is joy and warmth. It´s one of the best perk-me -up colors in the world! Can´t wait for those days where I can wear a skirt or a summer dress.Soon maybe... when it´s not too cold.

Happy Monday, fashionistas!



janettaylor said...

Hello darling Che,

Oh, I agree with U. Mustard and brown are working! :) Great outfit!

Leah said...

Yellow looks really good on you Che... you glow in yellow. xoxo

toxic disco boy said...

the ring is cute! ^^

Leia said...

yellow is so perfect on you!

Anonymous said...

i agree with Leah here, yellow looks good on you! ;)


Elaine said...

What a great color!!

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Sherin said...

I love the colours you're wearing! The yellow looks great on you.