Monday, April 26, 2010


Hello, hello!!!

I want to thank everyone for your sweet messages and advises on the last post. I greatly appreciate all of them. Right now I look like hell ( well, almost) but life must go on. ;)

While browsing through my summer 2009 photos, I found these:

paisley shirt dress- Blanco

lucite bangle(old)- local Spanish store, rice pearls- bazaar (Phils.)

Looks like the clog trend will be staying with us for a while.

 red clogs ( ¨bakya¨ in Filipino)- old, Sote ( Phil. brand)

While everyone wants those typical mule-types with vertiginous heels, I prefer mine open-toed and a just a few inches tall. I love sashaying on  the sidewalk without worrying that I might slip while making that obvious clacking sound. That for me is my clog. ;)

red-corral  bangles- bazaar, Phils

Just reminiscing how  fresh-looking I was and how my skin looked like before Mr. CP decided to change my skin´s life course. Oh dear, I hope this skin won´t be damned forever.

Have a lovely week, everyone!


PS: The photos can be enlarged. Just click on them. ;)

PPS: If you want to know more about Burgos(Spain), click here.


Leah said...

Che, ang ganda ng outfit... from the dress to the bakya. Such a pretty color too. Wag mo kalimutan ang bilin ko about the scars ha. Have a great week ahead! xoxo

Rebecca Rose said...

Cute dress Che and about your CP, make sure na huwag mong kamutin yung face mo even though its really itchy kasi mag ma marka talaga yan!

Jing said...

ate che, what happened? i hope you get well soon.namiss tika te.long time no chat pud ta noh?
ate che, i must say you look so sexy on that dress.and i envy your legs jud te che flawless and i like the ta ako oi.haha (ampalaya mode).

bagay ang bakya and look so gwapa ang sexy.

Leia said...

You poor thing, do feel better soon!

kirstyb said...

love that pattern its gorge xxxx

Phuong said...

you look great

Iva said...

super colors on you!

tim said...

awesome outfit.. looks good on you...