Saturday, April 24, 2010

La Peste Negra

Hi, everyone!

Looks like this is going to be my last outfit post for now because my body and my face (huhuhu!) is all red and blotchy. The dreaded ¨chicken pox¨has finally caught me and these little monsters just keep on growing on me literally. Eeeew!

long cardigan- Lefties

paisley top- Blanco, bondage skirt- Stradivarius

ballerina flats- H&M

Photos were taken in Pamplona (Spain). If you´re interested about the world famous Bull Runs, then the most famous of them all is celebrated here. This city was Ernest Hewingway´s fave in Spain.

Will talk about the Bull Runs in my travel blog soon. In the meantime, allow me to disappear and heal my wounds. No more clear skin for now. Waaaaah!

Adios, my dahlings!



Rose said...

Ohh no! Not the chicken pox, you poor thing! I had them when I was a kid, but apparently theyre worse as an adult? Sending well wishes your way.
I do like your black and orange outfit, looks really nice on you.
Also, thankyou for putting my little button on yor sidebar there :) goodluck!


Leah said...

OMG, ngayon ka lang nagka-chicken pox. Naku, sabi nila as you get older, mas malalim ang scars. Take care not to scratch ha, tapos lagyan mo agad ng cebo de macho or something similar pag nag-heal na yung scars.

I love your top... such a nice color.

Hope you get well soon Che! xoxo

Anonymous said...

yes, DONT SCRATCH ever!
get well soon Che ;)
i love ur outfit btw. the pop of orange is sooo refreshing :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

@ Rose: Being worse as you grow older, I think it´s true. I hope I won´t be left with so much scars specially on the face. Thanks, Rose!

@ Leah: Opo ngayon lang, just when I´m turning very old. hehehe! I hope I can find here cebo de macho kasi yung cacao nila dito is lip balm. Good luck to me!

@ Toni: I´m itching na to scratch them pero what I feel right now is parang they ¨sting¨.Maybe because they´re still growing,I hope not too big. huhuhu!

Rebecca Rose said...

I was around 5 years old nung nag ka chicken pox ako and I hated it coz it was so itchy. Anyway I like your outfit, when I saw your first pic, va va voom Che hehe. U are so pretty talaga!!!

Leia said...

Chicken pox! Oh no! I hope it clears up soon! Don't scratch them pleeeease :)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!!! i hope you still have a cool weather to ease it up a bit...

Anonymous said...

lovely blog you have.

I am so sorry to hear your down with chicken pox. I had them when I was 18. don't worry, just don't scratch, wear gloves, it helps.


Becca. said...

love your outfit, you look fabulous!
would you like to swap links?
i love your blog!


{ I V Y } said...

great skirt!

Mom Daughter Style said...

Oh no! I remember nung bata ako hanggang ngayon may konting marks parin. Get well soon.

You look sexy sa pictures. Love your mini skirt with the sheer leggings. Nice orange top.

cherie said...

aww the chickenpox.. i hope u get well soon and just allow them to disappear, totoo na dont scratch. but you look fabulous in these pictures che!

Marz said...

Oh no Che! That's awful, I hope you feel better asap! Take care of yourself.
The architectural details in that building behind you is just stunning! Also, I love that shorter skirt on you, it is so adorable!

ana b. said...

O my goodness! I got chicken pox only last year and it was so so so terrible. DON'T SCRATCH. And sleep a lot. But definitely don't scratch otherwise the scarring lasts forever and is so obvious. I hope you feel better.

Dressing Up For Me said...

To everyone, thanks for the concern. I´ll try not to scratch. Right now I look really scary. lol!

janettaylor said...

Strike a pose, Honey! :)

kirstyb said...

oh yuck the chicken pox - i hope you get better soon xoxox

Haupi said...

Chicken poxs. Wow. Hope you're better soon! I love the outfit, but I love Spain more. Were you there for the running of the bulls Hope you can post some pictures. Anyway, I your new follower. Hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too?


Riza said...

I love your outfit!!! Sorry about the chicken pox's :(

rjs mama said...

chicken pox hindi pa rin ako nagkakaron nyan :(

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