Sunday, January 20, 2013

Food Weekend: Train Food

The hubz is a train fanatic. Whenever we do long distance travelling within Spain, he always choose the train than say travel by car. I don´t blame him, although a lot of people love travelling by car, it can be very tiresome. As for taking the train, you only have to sit, read a little and sleep. As for the meals, train food isn´t bad either. We just make sure to get Preferente tickets and lunch/dinner and dessert are served free together with your choice of wine/ non-alcoholic beverage, coffee and chocolate to end the meal. ;)

Chicken in port wine sauce with couscous:


Hake fish with steamed veggies and wild rice:


Chicken with dried dates and pine nuts with baked potatoes:


By the way, on a non-related topic, here´s what I´ve been wearing these days:
coat- Zara, pants- Promod, bag- Blanco
Pants, winter jacket and rain shoes. It´s been raining non-stop here in my city, I can´t just dress up as much as I want to. Haaay!

So how´s your weekend?



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