Friday, January 11, 2013

Flyday Friday: Ronda

PC290181 - copia

Today´s Flyday Friday post is dedicated to this old town on the cliff, Ronda, a picturesque Spanish town 100 kilometers from the city of Málaga. Discovering this bucolic place was by accident. While having our  traditional Christmas lunch at the home of the hubby´s older cousin, somebody suggested that we should visit Ronda after I´ve told them that we´re spending the Christmas break at Málaga. I´m so glad that we took their advice because this is such a beautiful place to ignore when you´re staying in Málaga. See for yourself! ;)

PC290177 - copia


As I´ve been telling you, the hubz finds it so cute to see so many orange trees aroundso here´s another photo of me under an orange tree.



Ande here´s more..


Although we´re true blue La Rioja wine drinkers( we live almost near the La Rioja border), we also love to try on wines from the different regions of Spain. The south of Spain is famous for it´s sweet wine/ dessert wine but they also produce red and white wine. Here are just some of the barrels on display at the Wine Museum of Ronda, the entrance fee comes free with the museum pass for all the available museums of Ronda while the wine tasting fee is I think 2 euros. The hubz had fun tasting the different wines and I tried them too despite the colds, lol!


One last pose on the bench before I go:


So what about you? Where did you go on your Christmas break?

Enjoy the weekend everyone and thanks for passing by! :)

Foggy kisses(still) from here,



april said...

awesome place to visit...great pictures! love your scarf

janettaylor said...

Oranges...yummy! These photos are great and your outfit too.

Dredd said...

Hola! I feel bad for being sooooooo lazy, hi-BEAR-nation bug really hit me ;(! I hope your Christmas was great as well as your NYE's celebration. Lipat na lang kaya kami ng Spain, sunshine without snow:).