Monday, January 21, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Mini Arm Party

Happy Monday, everyone! ;)

It´s been a while since I´ve done a bling post so while we´re at it, here´s a compilation of my favorite bracelets and bangles that I´ve worn in 2012. I have a tiny wrist and a short arm so I can´t stack as much bracelets as I want to like most of the other girls out there and by the way, I don´t normally wear bracelets in winter. Why? They snag on my jacket/coat and sweater and I´m afraid that they´ll fall and get lost because I can´t see them. lol! So bracelets/ bangles are a no-no for me during winter. What about you? :)





If you have noticed, I have some pieces that I mix and match most of the time. They´re not really my faves but if they go with anything, so why not, no? ;)

So what are your fave bracelet/s to mix and match in your arm party? :)




Jade Jones said...

love all the arm parties!!! love your blog, new follower- jade xxx

Sherin said...

Love these arm parties. All your bracelets are so gorgeous.

Dredd said...

wow, really an arm party:) i love accesories especially colorful ones.