Monday, January 7, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Sales Shopping

Happy Monday, all!

As usual, this post is late, hahaha! Anyway, today officially starts the winter sales on this side of the world. Instead of being one the first bargain shoppers to open the stores, I stayed stuck in the flat the whole day. Why? Because it´s a SUPER foggy day. Today, I preferred staying indoors than braving the cold  1ºC fog to go sale shopping. I guess I´ve matured, hahaha!

Anyway, since I´m sure that there´s also a sale going on in your side of the world, here are some tips which I´ve made for yah when going sale shopping. For a sale shopping addict which has about 70% of her closet bought from the sales, I think I´m good enough to talk about this, don´t I? ;)

1. Check your closet

That´s it. Do an inventory of your closet and assess your things. I know, spring is still a few months away but it´s worth doing it.Who knows, there might be things hidden in your cramped closet with the tags still attached to it( guilty!) so you don´t need to buy the exact top or pants which you forgot that you already have lying somewhere in your cramped closet. ;)

2. Check-list and budget

Be realistic. Do you really need another pair of pants or top or another pair of black boots? It´s time to make a list of the things that your wardrobe really needs(more than want) and allot a strict budget to it. That way you wouldn´t need to worry about overspending later and slaving away to pay the credit cards bills later. Trust me, I´ve done this ¨slaving away¨ thing before and I felt miserable while doing it.

3. Comfy is the key.

When I do sale shopping, I always wear something comfortable, easy to remove and put on after and flat boots/ shoes depending on the season because I´ll doing lots of  walking from one store to another. The key here is to wear something hassle free so that you can have all the time to browse and enjoy the process. My most important and worth it buys were bought on those days when I´m relaxed and wearing something light and comfy.

sweater- New Yorker, jeans, bag- Zara, scarf- local store
4. Stick to your list and budget.

This is hard, I know but unless you´re one of the Ecclestone sisters, with a billion moolah to spare, we need to budget well what we´ve earned. In my case, if I really get a good bargain I indulge a little on what´s left of my budget by buying something I want. Now that´s stretching the budget! ;)

5.  Don´t cut the tag nor throw away the receipt just yet( also applies to internet shopping!).

Unless your sure that you´re going to wear/use what you´ve just bought. With a no fuss return policy on most stores( especially the big brands) nowadays, you can always change your mind about your purchases without losing your money on the process. Just be extra careful with jewelry, the return/exchange policy may not be applicable on this one. ;)

Anything more to add? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section.

Foggy kisses,



Style Sud-Est said...

yes and yes lots of sale here as well - I might go for a bit of shopping myself tomorrow before i see my mother
It will less cold as well today was a killer
Good Tips Che

Ariane xxx

Kendra Pahukoa said...

I agree- don't pull the tags off. I bought a pair of jeans the other da and LOVED them in the store, tried them on today-ugh. don't like them anymore. I kept the tag on though-they are goin back!

Laura said...

Such good tips!!! and very applicable to all shopping endeavors.

Nico Saich said...

awe sale shopping! I didnt do too much this year besides exchanging things I was already gifted for the holidays! I love your tips and tricks!


Anmari ish said...

Hmmnn...guilty me. I still have a lot of stuff with tags in my closet and some I never wore since I bought them 3-4-5 yrs ago. When I go shopping I just buy anything that's really worth it.
good tips hun, we could really get lost when shopping on sale :)
thanks for dropping by and I wish you all the best for this year!

Megha Varshini said...

lots of sale happening.. but quite disappointed that I am not getting the things I had in my wishlist...